Has your team lost motivation and energy towards achieving their goals?
Would you like to develop your creative leadership skills?
Are you feeling stuck in your ability to innovate?
Or perhaps you are just feeling uninspired and in a bit of a rut?

If you want to develop a creative mindset and feel energised and inspired, Mindful Creativity Coaching could be exactly what you need.

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. Brene Brown

I use a unique creative process to bring about a change in perspective and mindset. The process is specially designed to:

  • increase innovation
  • inspire engagement
  • improve team dynamics
  • solve problems quickly
  • develop creative leaders

Writing is the painting of the voice. Voltaire

My coaching sessions and workshops help you tap into your values and innate creativity in a playful, yet focused way to develop your creative thinking and innovation. I guide you through interactive exercises in a safe yet challenging environment. In the process you will discover a new awareness of, and confidence in, your own ability to create a positive change in your workplace and everyday life.

The coaching is applicable to both individuals and business teams. Typical issues that this process helps to address include getting unstuck, recovering energy and motivation to reach a goal or finish a project, finding ways to reduce frustration, developing new ways to approach problems and getting on better with coworkers.

The tools and techniques that activate your creative mindset will help you to:

  • unlock, understand and value your own creativity
  • shift your thinking from problem to solution
  • set intentions for your own creative leadership
  • create a blueprint/plan to reach your intentions
  • work more effectively with your team

Read more information about how my coaching works on the COACHING page, or book a zoom call with me to explore your needs. All coaching and workshops are available online or in person.