When I can’t go there…

…one of my characters can!

As I said in my last post, my writing comes from both my life and experiences, and my imagination. One thing I love about the process is that I can have my characters visit my favourite places, even when I can’t…

Monday morning dawned sunny and winter warm. Sam did not have any meetings scheduled for the morning, and nothing particularly urgent to attend to at the office. Once Patrick had left for work and the children had gone off to school, she decided to take herself for a walk along Cremorne Point. She needed to clear her head, and it had always been one of her favourite parks in Sydney.

Often in the summer, she and Patrick and the children went swimming at the Cremorne Point tidal pool. There was something special and exhilarating about swimming in a pool washed by the water of beautiful Sydney harbour. It was only a few minutes from their home and had become the family’s favourite spot too for summer evening picnics.

There was a grey-haired older woman walking briskly ahead of Sam along the concrete path. She reminded Sam of her own mother. Something about the way she walked, looking about her with interest. It brought to mind the time, years before, when Sam’s parents had come to visit. Sam had packed a picnic basket of simple cheese and bread and fruit, with champagne for the adults and juice for the children, and they had all come down to the water’s edge in the early evening.

“Look, there’s another boat,” her mom had kept saying. Sam had come to take the boats and constant movement on the harbour for granted, but the number of craft out on the water was something that had seemed to particularly stand out for her parents. Another thing they had commented on was how safe it was wherever they went. Although picnics at the beachfront had been standard fare of Sam’s childhood in South Africa, her parents would not be comfortable taking their grandchildren out for picnics at home these days, especially not once the sun had started to go down. Yet here, well after dusk, the grownups were relaxing on the picnic blanket, letting the children run and play, content to keep a watchful eye.

Sam loved walking down the path along Cremorne Point. It was always cool under the arch of the tall trees and seemed removed from the busy city. The houses to the left were set far enough away from the path for privacy, yet close enough to pique her curiosity about their inhabitants. Her favourite had a small Romanesque fountain in the small garden that seemed completely out of place, and yet somehow perfectly in tune with the attitude of the house. Today, the water in the fountain was flowing as Sam walked past, and a young girl was leaving the garage astride a bright red  Vespa.

Hmmm, very Italian, she thought to herself. That’s why the fountain fits.

Let your imagination take you somewhere special today!

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