To paint or write
The dilemma of having creative choices!

Last night I sat down at the table in my studio to write, page open where I had left off earlier, ready for the words to flow. There, on my left, was a huge canvas, taking up most of my studio space. The painting was particularly tempting because it was at a very interesting inbetween stage, starting to develop elements that were crying out for my attention. I needed to write, but last night I wanted to paint. It got me thinking. What is different between painting and writing? Both are forms of creative expression, but sometimes one form works …

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My childhood dream was rejected
But now I am resurrecting it!

My first publisher’s rejection. I was eighteen years old, and had just started studying Fine Arts at properly—fantasies and fairytales are still some of my favourite stories, and… I have evidence that magic does exist! I diverge… back to my first rejection. I decided to write and illustrate (now that I was officially on the way to being an artist) a children’s story. Unfortunately, in one of the many moves during my period of living abroad, I lost the manuscript, but I can still picture some of the pen and ink drawings. The story—handwritten, there were no computers yet—was about …

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