From mystery novel to academic thesis
Or, what I have learnt from academic writing

I had handed in the first chapter of my Masters dissertation and scheduled a meeting with my two supervisors to get their feedback. “Well,” began the first supervisor, “I started reading and couldn’t put it down. Then I remembered that I was reading a Masters, not a mystery novel.” I looked at her curiously, not quite understanding. “You see,” put in supervisor number two, “what you need to do is tell us what you are going to be telling us, then tell us about it in detail, then summarise what you just told us.” “But that’s so boring!” was my …

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My childhood dream was rejected
But now I am resurrecting it!

My first publisher’s rejection. I was eighteen years old, and had just started studying Fine Arts at properly—fantasies and fairytales are still some of my favourite stories, and… I have evidence that magic does exist! I diverge… back to my first rejection. I decided to write and illustrate (now that I was officially on the way to being an artist) a children’s story. Unfortunately, in one of the many moves during my period of living abroad, I lost the manuscript, but I can still picture some of the pen and ink drawings. The story—handwritten, there were no computers yet—was about …

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