I believe that everyone is creative in their own way, and that creativity is a key factor in unlocking motivation and becoming re-energised. Developing a creative mindset can be helpful in many aspects of your life, by enabling you to approach situations from a new perspective.

My workshops and coaching sessions help participants to tap into their innate creativity in a playful, yet focused way, to achieve a specific purpose. This purpose can be unique to each individual, or a goal set by a team. Participants are guided through interactive creative exercises, in a safe yet challenging environment, allowing them to unlock their own creativity and develop a creative mindset.

The exercises use different types of activities such as discussion, writing, storytelling and drawing. All exercises are personal, and participants in group workshops are not required to share anything with the group unless they choose to do so.

Mindful Creativity workshops and coaching sessions are valuable if you want to:

  • awaken awareness and confidence in creative self;
  • develop new ideas to address a block or feeling of being stuck;
  • access the things that add meaning and value to your life;
  • find ways to deal with stress and uncertainty;
  • discover everyday “tools” to bring new ideas and innovative thinking into your work and life.


Workshops typically last half a day, morning or afternoon.

A workshop can be carefully customised for groups or teams who have a specific goal in mind. These bespoke  workshops are of benefit both in the workplace, and for personal application.

Individuals can join a general workshop, which caters for small groups of up to 8 people.

Each participant takes away a practical guide containing a range of exercises and activities they can incorporate into their everyday routine so as to continue their creative exploration.

Coaching Sessions

In instances where it is not feasible to work with a team, or for individuals who do not want to attend a group workshop, creative coaching sessions can be done a one-to-one basis. These sessions can be done in person, or online. I will determine the exact nature and content of these sessions for each person after an initial consultation.

Pre- and Post-Consultation

In advance of a bespoke workshop, the team leader or manager is consulted to identify the specific issues that the workshop should address. The workshop activities are adapted if necessary to meet these needs.

Instead of a “feel-good” evaluation form to be filled in by each participant at the end of the workshop, the team leader or manager is requested to ask their team for feedback a short while after the workshop has taken place. This allows for time to consider the effect of the workshop. I then work with the team leader or manager to address any problems that might be identified from the feedback.


General workshops are held at venues to which I have access. Business teams can use these venues, or choose their own. Individuals sometimes opt to get together their own group and host the workshop at one of their homes.

While the workshops have traditionally been face-to-face, I am increasingly holding online workshops.

Likewise, coaching can be done at a convenient venue, or online.


Rates vary with the nature of the offering and the size of the group. Please contact me for a quote.

I have decided to offer special online rates during this strange time of the Covid19 pandemic. Please contact me for details.

Related Workshops

In addition to the initial Mindful Creativity | move from problem to solution workshop, I offer workshops that explore design thinking processes and digital storytelling. Please contact me for more information about these.

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