Are you feeling stuck? Do you need to get your spark back? Perhaps you have lost your energy and motivation to reach a goal or finish a project? Or possibly you just want to try something new and add something interesting to your everyday life?

We believe that everyone is creative in their own way, and that creativity is a key factor in unlocking your motivation and re-energising you.

Our workshops use creative process for a purpose: to inspire, to innovate, to rekindle a lost spark, or simply to access the inner creative self.

We help participants in the workshops to tap into their innate creativity in a playful, yet focused way, to achieve a specific purpose. Participants are guided through interactive creative exercises, in a safe yet challenging environment, discovering a new awareness of, and confidence in, their own creative selves.


Leda has designed workshops specifically for teams in professional environments, as well as a more general option, which is suitable for anyone.

All the workshops can be carefully customised for groups or teams who have a specific goal in mind. These bespoke workshops are of benefit both in the workplace, and for personal application.

Individuals can attend one of the public workshops, which cater for small groups of up to 8 people.

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Workshops to help work teams develop innovation…
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Mindful Creativity workshops are valuable if you want to:

  • unlock creative potential;
  • develop new ideas to address a block or feeling of being stuck;
  • access the things that add meaning and value to your life;
  • discover ways to bring new ideas and innovative thinking into your work and life.

Coaching Sessions

In instances where it is not feasible to work with a team, or for individuals who do not want to attend a group workshop, creative coaching sessions can be done a one-to-one basis. These sessions can be done in person, or online. Leda will determine the exact nature and content of these sessions for each person after an initial consultation.

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