An unexpected cycle in my life.

Why it has been so quiet on this page…

If you have visited my website before, you may have noticed that there has been very little going on here for some time. After last year’s Grahamstown festival, I eagerly began my new Circle of Life series (the very sketchy start shown here). Then my own life went into a rather difficult cycle…

I was diagnosed with cancer, underwent successful surgery and made a complete recovery 😊. However, I did not have either the muscle or mental strength to paint, or think creatively, for some time. At the beginning of this year, I undertook co-teaching a very interesting and challenging course, Multimedia Systems, which has been taking most of my creative energy for the past few months.

Mid-year recess will be starting soon, and I plan to be back in my studio, full of new ideas, some of which will come from the concepts and new skills I learnt for Multimedia. I will post updated work here as soon as it emerges.

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