Going back to my photographic roots

I’m not getting into the studio much at the moment. So, on the advice of seasoned artist and wise woman, Cleone Cull, I ventured out into my garden with my camera.

I had forgotten the joy of photography, and especially my love for black and white images. This may seem odd in the light of the bright and expressionistic paintings I have done recently, but, oh so many years ago, I majored in photography at art school.

I used to love printing in the dark room, seeing the image slowly appear on the paper. But I was hopeless at rolling my spool onto those reels for developing, and always ended up with blotchy patches on the film. The instant gratification of digital and the range of editing options has been an exciting revelation and I am an instant convert to the digital way.

Here are some of my textures of home. A very simple start, but so rewarding.

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