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Creativity in the 21st Century

Creativity used to be seen as the exclusive domain of artists, musicians, inventors and writers. In our contemporary, technology-driven world, that has changed. Creativity is now acknowledged as being a vital skill for succeeding in the 21st century.

A recent IBM survey of more than 1500 CEOs demonstrated that creativity is viewed as the most important leadership skill for dealing with the complexities of global organisations.

I recently came across a scholarly article by Alfonso Montuori, a respected professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, discussing everyday creativity. This term resonated with me, and made me think of my Everyday Magic series of paintings.

Just as I believe we can find magic in the ordinary moments of our every day, so Montuori, and other writers, are beginning to write about creativity as something accessible to everyone, and essential to the successful development of our everyday lives.

Photographer, Dewitt Jones, made a beautiful video of his work, entitled Everyday Creativity. In this short YouTube video showing snippets of an updated version of his video, he gives us glimpses of how we can be creative in our own perspective of our everyday world.

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