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Creating a Constant Reminder of Your Intentions

When you set a clear intention, you will tend to behave in ways that are in alignment with that intention. Setting intentions can be significant in helping to achieve personal and professional goals. However, it is easy to forget your intention and slip back into old patterns when something doesn’t go according to plan.

This is because intentions come from your heart, but you often don’t have a plan for, or know how you are going to achieve that intention. You set the intention, then must trust the process to the universe. And most of us find it a bit difficult to give up our control and let the universe take care of it for us!

It can be really helpful to have a constant visual reminder that inspires you to live into your intentions. This kind of reminder is often referred to as a vision or dream board. Typically it includes images, words and quotes that will help you to BE (feel) the way you need to in order to fulfil your intention.

And…. one of the best places to put this vision board, so that you are constantly reminded of your intention, is that ubiquitous device that sometimes rules our lives… the mobile phone! Make a digital vision board, then save it as a screensaver on your phone. Every time you pick up your phone (tablets are good too), you will be reminded of your current intention.

Download a vision board app (photo collage apps also work well) and you can easily make visual reminders of your monthly, weekly or even daily intentions!

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