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Living in TODAY

Like everybody else in this current lockdown situation, I have good days and bad days. Today started as a bad day. Then, as often happens, the universe sent me a blog post that helped a lot. So I thought I would share its message (one which I know but sometimes forget), because it might help someone else.

However, if you are feeling the way I was this morning — stressed, overwhelmed and afraid of an uncertain future — a really LONG blog post will not help! So here is the essence of what I read…

Focusing on the positive does not mean you are in denial about the difficulties of a situation. Because even when you are in the middle of a crisis, or feeling mind-shattering uncertainty, or just totally overwhelmed, there is still a choice.

You can choose to feel your fear (not deny it), and at the same time choose to do something positive. And (here’s the key thing) that positive thing doesn’t have to solve the entire problem. It can be one small thing that makes you feel a bit better NOW.

Like last week, when it was my birthday, three of my closest work friends surprised me with a group video call. Sure, I didn’t get to hug them in person, but we connected in a way we hadn’t for weeks. And we all felt better for it.

The trick to not letting yourself get lost in the fear is to focus on TODAY. Stay present to the 24 hours you are currently in. Stressing and panicking will not help. It also doesn’t help to tell yourself not to be afraid (or stressed, or overwhelmed, or sad…).

Accept the fear. Allow yourself to feel it. AND THEN move through it.

Remember, this too shall pass. And in the meantime, it won’t help to look into a vast unknown future, and worry. What will help, is to be kind to yourself; reach out to those around you (whether physically or virtually). Ask for help if you need it. And most of all, remember  that you have to look after yourself first, before you will be able to help anyone else.

Trust in the Universe (your god, or whatever spiritual force you believe in), and focus on doing a small thing that will help you in this moment.

Look after yourself by living in today.

With much love ♥

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