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How does CREATIVE PROCESS help with healing body image?

Creativity is all about approaching an old idea from a new angle. As Einstein said. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

What I’ve come to understand over years of dealing with this problem myself, is that the source of how we feel about our bodies, is not actually our BODY. Rather, our body image problems are a result of our emotions.

Truly creative process is HOLISTIC, and occurs when you fully embrace the connections between mind, body, and soul. This allows your to more readily access your emotions and start looking at your body from a new perspective that includes these emotions. In this way, you can develop a new relationship with your body.

This creative perspective leads to deeper, long-lasting change and healing.

My Mindful Creativity process is specifically designed to develop your own creative ability. Even if you don’t believe you are a very creative person right now, you CAN learn to be more creative. Then, once you have better access to your own creativity, you are more likely to be able to see your body and its problems from a different angle and find new ways to deal with your body image issues. Especially when it comes to being uncomfortable with your body or judging yourself in comparison to society’s expectations.

As you rediscover your innate creativity, you will connect to your emotions, and clarify what’s truly important to you. You will find yourself being more open to exploring new ideas and looking at yourself and your body in a new way.

Playing with creative ideas in a way that encourages you to explore and experiment, without being attached to getting a perfect result, reminds you that things don’t have to be PERFECT to be of VALUE.

Give it a try!


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