CONNECT. CREATE. THRiVE. enables us to work together privately to tap into and explore your creativity. Together we will design a creative journey map which will give you a structure to use your CREATiViTY in ways that will iNSPiRE and ENERGiSE you.

That is, discover how to use your own style of creative expression to experience more FREEDOM and PURPOSE in your life.

take the next step on your


Work with me to discover your unique CREATiVE EXPRESSION so that you can use it to experience freedom and inspiration in ways that connect with your beliefs and values.

Schedule a call or contact me directly NOW to chat about how we would design YOUR creative journey.

  • A magical benefit of working 1:1 with me is that you can explore whatever creative medium you resonate with, and work with your creative ability at whatever level you find yourself now.
  • Developing and evolving CREATiViTY needs time and practice, so we will design a three-month plan that fits your needs.
  • Connecting with your beliefs and values in a fun, playful way is at the core of the much-loved Mindful Creativity process which provides you with a proven framework and structure to begin your creative exploration.
  • You will be able to focus on yourself and connect with your innate CREATiVE ability, while knowing you have an abundance of support.
  • The entire process includes a wide range of interactive creative activities, designed for your specific needs so that you can develop your CREATiViTY by doing (which is THE only way it can be done!)
  • We will create the schedule for your personal CREATiVE JOURNEY during the first session so that it fits your individual style and circumstances.
  • Book your CONNECT. CREATE. THRiVE. creative path now and receive an annual subscription to the CREATiVE CONVERSATiONS as a bonus.