Developing CREATiVE iNTELLiGENCE for future GROWTH and iNNOVATiON.

High creative intelligence gives you


A creative team is more productive, more collaborative, more resilient, and more iNNOVATiVE.

Recent studies have found that one of the top soft skills companies need is CREATiViTY.

WHY is creativity so desirable? And can you develop your team’s creative abilities?

The short answer is:
CREATiViTY in business is often referred to as Creative Intelligence (or CQ) and is important because it ultimately leads to iNNOVATiON, and innovation creates VALUE.
And YES, creativity can be developed.

Even if your company is not in a creative field, iNNOVATiON is important. While AI (artificial intelligence, robotics, data science) is excellent for optimising old ways of doing things, organisations need creative thinkers who can envisage the solutions of the future.

Creativity is as critical to retaining your customer base as it is in growing it.

more about


And why it matters at work.

benefits of developing


Creative intelligence is a mindset, not a methodology.

Benefits of developing CQ within your business teams include:

  • Engaging in creative processes and activities DEVELOPS TRUST through team members getting to know each other better and building more open relationships.
  • Employees with higher creative intelligence are more likely to use conflict to trigger useful debates and explore differences of opinion in a way that leads to innovation, as well as REDUCiNG CONFLiCT and TENSiON.
  • Being actively creative improves self-esteem and encourages team members to collaborate, leading to MORE EFFECTIVE TEAMS that readily SHARE KNOWLEDGE for the team’s and project’s benefit.
  • Creative projects and problem-solving increase involvement and commitment, leading to iMPROVED MOTiVATiON.
  • The ability to problem-solve from a space of creative thinking enables teams to GENERATE NEW, iNNOVATiVE SOLUTiONS in many areas.

All programs include pre- and post-consultation with the team leader to identify specific issues and focus.

Instead of a “feel-good” evaluation form at the end of the program, specific feedback is collected once there has been time to consider its effect. This allows for the facilitator to work with the team leader to address any problems or opportunities that may arise.

Choose your team’s


Programs are tailored to meet your business’s specific CQ needs and focus. In groups or with individuals (“creative” or not); in short bursts or a longer-term strategy; online or in-person.

Learn a CREATiVE DESiGN THiNKiNG process by applying it to a specific problem.

This stimulates innovative thinking and helps participants understand how to apply the process and incorporate CQ into their everyday life at work.

Nurture a culture of CREATiVE iNTELLiGENCE by first tapping into individual creativity.

This contributes to better overall team functioning, leading to the benefits of high CQ.

Explore personal VALUES and CREATiVE PROCESS through storytelling using different multimedia platforms.

This is a playful and fun way of improving communication skills while building CQ.

Punchy, interactive sessions providing participants with concrete experiences of their own CREATiVE ability.

The aim of these short sessions is to stimulate enquiry into the concept of CQ and how CREATiVE MiNDSET can contribute value to both work and personal life.

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