CREATiVE Conversations

CREATiVE CONVERSATiONS is a series of short (1 hour), interactive conversations over Zoom, in which we explore a range of creative concepts.

  • Provides you with options for exploring CREATiVE process.
  • Enables you to introduce CREATiViTY into your life in easy ways that make a big different to your wellbeing.
  • Include interactive activities supporting you to develop your CREATiViTY by doing, not just reading about or listening to.
  • Concrete experiences help you to more easily understand the concept and how it could apply to you.
  • Recordings will be available so even if you can’t make the call, you can still engage in the CONVERSATiON.

Join in either a single CONVERSATiON, or take out an annual subscription (which works out to more CREATiVE value for you.)

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Book your spot for the

Sign up for a single conversation at $23.00 per conversation.

  • You receive a link to the LIVE zoom call so you can join and participate in the interactive activities and discussion when you book.
  • You will also be able to access a recording of the call, only available to registered participants, in case you can’t make the call.
  • Some conversations include material that you will be able to download.

You could take an annual subscription for $203.

  • I guarantee a minimum of 9 conversations within the subscription period. Though, as the current schedule has one conversation every 4 weeks, there are likely to be way more than that…
  • When you subscribe for a year, you will receive a link to a page that will be updated to include new conversations as the time progresses.