Does your team need a new lease on their work life? Do you want to bring some inspiration and energy to your everyday work practice? Or are you perhaps looking for new ways of dealing with the same old problems?

Creativity is a key factor in unlocking intrinsic motivation and is a vital skill for succeeding in the technology-driven 21st century. We believe that everyone is creative in their own way, although an individual’s creativity may not always be accessible.

Our workshops use creative process for a purpose: to inspire, to innovate, to rekindle a lost spark, or simply to access the inner creative self.

We help participants in the workshops to tap into their innate creativity in a playful, yet focused way, to achieve a specific purpose. Participants are guided through interactive creative exercises, in a safe yet challenging environment, discovering a new awareness of, and confidence in, their own creative selves.


Mindful Creativity workshops are valuable for your team to:

  • unlock creative potential;
  • develop new ideas to address an impasse in a project;
  • access the things that add meaning and value to their lives;
  • discover ways to bring new ideas and innovative thinking into the workplace.

There are three standard workshop options, each of which can be carefully customised in consultation with team leaders or managers. The aim is to ensure the focus is directed towards addressing issues specific to the participants and their environment.

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Pre- and Post- Workshop Consultation

In advance of each workshop, the facilitator consults with the team leader or manager to identify the specific issues that the workshop should address. The workshop activities are adapted if necessary to meet these needs.

Instead of a “feel-good” evaluation form to be filled in by each participant at the end of the workshop, the team leader or manager is requested to ask the team for feedback a short while after the workshop has taken place. This allows for time to consider the effect of the workshop. The facilitator works with the team leader or manager to address any problems that might be identified from the feedback

Coaching Sessions

In instances where it is not feasible to work with a team, creativity coaching sessions can be conducted with individuals. The exact nature and content of these sessions is determined in consultation with the individual and his or her team leader or manager.

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