My Body, My Muse

Heal your Body Image through Creativity

The 9-Step mindful creativity proces

Use Creative Process to Transform Body Image


Healing your body image through creativity allows you to:

  • Explore body image issues in a safe space.
  • Approach the problem from a new angle.
  • Develop your confidence.
  • Accept your body after changes caused by illness.
  • Be able to focus on what’s really important to you.

What you will get from the process:

  • Feel confident about how you look.
  • Stop worrying that people will judge you for your appearance.
  • Use your time, energy, and money for what you most believe in.
  • Feel comfortable with and accept your body.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel good.
  • Eat food you like without feeling guilty.
  • Love who you see in the mirror.

Why creative process?

Creativity is all about approaching an old idea from a new angle. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

Truly creative process is HOLISTIC, and occurs when you fully embrace the connections between mind, body, and soul. This allows you to look at your body from a new perspective, and develop a new relationship with it.

This leads to deeper, long-lasting change and healing.

Workshops and coaching

Is Mindful Creativity coaching for me?

Mindful Creativity coaching is a creative and confidential partnership between client (you) and coach (me). Each partnership is unique because different clients have different requirements.

This coaching program is for you if you are tired of spending TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY on trying to “fix” your body, and want to find a new way to look at, and live with, your body.

You should consider working with me if any of these are true for you:

  • Constantly feel uncomfortable in your body.
  • Struggle to find clothes that make you feel good.
  • Stop yourself from doing things you enjoy because you don’t think your body is good enough.
  • Avoid intimacy because you worry that you aren’t attractive enough.
  • Don’t like seeing yourself in the mirror.
  • Think nobody will love you because of the way you look.
  • Avoid socialising because you lack the confidence to be around other people.
  • Don’t like, or even hate, your body.
  • Constantly compare yourself (negatively) to other women.
  • Resent your body for its limitations.
  • Struggle to accept changes to your body from aging or debilitating illness.

I think being creative starts with believing you ARE. So start with small creative projects that will make you feel good about your creative ability, and your creative confidence will grow from there.

Leda van der Post

Coaching starts with YOU. Whether as part of a group workshop, or in a 1-1 session, we will begin by determining your unique issue with your body image, and then use the creative process to address it.

In each session, we use creative process to tap into your innate creativity in a playful, yet focused way. This will help you to understand your own creativity and value it. I will guide you through experiential exercises, aimed at helping you unlock your creative potential and start to develop a creative mindset.

We will then design a creative intention map for you to apply to healing your relationship with your body going forward.

Workshops and coaching are available online or in person.

Contact me for more information or to discuss your needs.

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