Hello 🦋 I’m LEDA

I’ve always known, deep inside that I was meant to CREATE.
Write, paint, or in any other way, add beautiful things and experiences to my world. And then, of course, life happened… and it hasn’t always been so easy to do that!

Then, during Covid my colleagues started asking me why, after all the hard things I had been through, I was the one they turned to for inspiration. I knew then that it was time to analyse my creative process, and share it with the world.

And so The CREATiVE JOURNEY® was born.

Join my new EXCiTiNG collaborative project!

beyond the mirror

Transformative Stories of Body Image

I’m thrilled to be starting work on Beyond the Mirror,
an exciting new multimedia photographic collaboration with Off-Broadway musical
#Does My Ass Look Fat.

We aim to transform conversations about BODY IMAGE by combining photography and storytelling into an immersive multimedia experience.