You can transform the way you feel in your body without changing a thing and my book will lead you through my 9-step Mindful Creativity process that is designed to help you look at the issues you have about your body image in a new way. The end result is deeper, long-lasting change and healing.

Whether you consider yourself a “creative” or not, My Body, My Muse is for you if you are exhausted by diets, exercise plans, and weight loss programmes and have decided it is time to stop letting your poor body image rule your life!

Discover THE creative approach that will change the way you live in your body.

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Why My Body is My Muse.

What Leda has to say about the journey to writing this book.

Praise for My Body, My Muse

What a refreshing experience it was to work through this book! Never was I told what to do to fix me; never was I told that I needed to do this and that, otherwise I won’t get unstuck, or have a better body image, or… whatever it was I wanted to influence.

Instead, I was asked to play—without initially being too serious—and to consider why certain things work for me and others don’t. The cherry on the top was that I was encouraged just to be me, to feel and value my emotions, and to constructively work with them and use them to my advantage. There was no pressure to achieve by other people’s measure—my reality was my own; through the exercises you explore and find some hidden treasures and strengths you might never have thought you possessed.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the process!

Lynette Barnard. PhD

Finally a book on body image that guides me to play and explore with my right brain!

Like most women, I have done a lot of work on learning to love my body. This book gives me deeper access to understanding my body relationship by taking me out of thinking or fixing and into playing, feeling, and exploring in a non-linear way.

The exercises are so accessible—easy to apply on my own with a journal and some pens… I can only imagine what emerges when a woman has a guide like Leda to walk with her through the process.

There is no need to be an artist or even to identify as creative. Trust the process in this book and you will be amazed at what emerges!

Megan Jo Wilson. Founder, No More Playing Small for Women

My Body, My Muse is a truly valuable tool written by an exceptional human being, born through her own life experience and a deeper understanding of her physical body. I truly believe there was no one more qualified to write it and I find myself resonating with her truth which is embedded into the pages. A book for those who wish to delve deeply into a simple, creative yet poignant way to uncover the messages hidden within their bodies and a creative ingenious way of working with the mind. She draws you along and each exercise seems to exist for itself until the end where it all comes together in a magical way that brings insight and much needed healing.

I have fortunately had the pleasure of attending one of Leda’s workshops in person and I have found it to be inspiring in that I have continued to do some of the exercises with great results long after and healing in terms of both understanding my body and calming my mind.

I believe this is one of those precious little gems you may want to keep close at hand.

Tanj Pau. Anandamaya Yoga, Healing through Movement and Touch

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