If you could find a way to have FUN while figuring out what gives you PURPOSE and PASSiON in your life, would you do it? Of course you would!

This is the idea at the heart of The CREATiVE JOURNEY: How to Unlock Your CREATiVE iNTELLiGENCE and Live the Life You Want.

If you feel incomplete despite a conventionally successful life, or that you are completely off-track, or somewhere in-between where you just feel that your life is missing something…
…then exploring your CREATiViTY through this book could be exactly what you need to feel inspired and purposeful.

Dr Leda van der Post drew on her experience after surviving cancer to create a unique 10-step process that helps you access your CREATiVE iNTELLiGENCE, or your innate creativity, then use it to transform your world and live in a way that leads to greater fulfilment.

The path laid out in The CREATiVE JOURNEY is simple and engaging, but it does require some effort. Because the end result is the greatest reward: living a life that is completely true to your inmost self.

Watch this space for the release date…


“Finally a book on life purpose that guides me to play and explore with my right brain! There is no need to be an artist or even to identify as creative. Trust the process in this book and you will be amazed at what emerges.”
Megan Jo Wilson
Coach. Author. Strategist.

The CREATiVE JOURNEY dot journal pages


begin with a WORD

Words and language are our primary form of conscious communication and expression.

WORDs are therefore one of the best places to start to PLAY and explore your CREATiVE EXPRESSiON.

This downloadable journal (PDF so you can print it or draw and write in it using your tablet) has 31 creative word exercises. That’s one for each day of the month.

CREATiVE SPARKS is an interactive journal containing a series of prompts and activities to iGNiTE and iNSPiRE your creative intelligence.

Each prompt or activity is designed to inspire YOUR creative response. Read, or watch the video version of the prompt, then go and do whatever SPARKS your creative imagination. Then, come back and see what Leda says about what usually happens as a result of the prompt, and use this to reflect on what you did and how you can use what you discover to develop your CQ.



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