My artwork is an expression of what is going on in my head and my heart, in my life and in the world I find around me. My paintings are not realistic, although the forms are drawn from real life—people, animals, flowers and other objects. I use colour, shape and texture to represent ideas, characters and emotions.

I have always been interested in the varying facets of objects, people and situations, and the differences between surface reality and what is hidden. This has led to a layered way of working. I work with mostly oil paint on stretched cotton. I often drip paint or medium on the canvas for texture, and effects that are partly out of my control. I also scratch into a surface layer with patterns or writing both to create texture and to add layers of meaning.

My intention is to explore the beauty and soul of everyday objects and life, without being too serious. There is a story behind every painting, but each story is my personal perspective. I prefer others to view a painting through their own eyes, and interpret it in their own way, free of my personal bias. I am an optimist by nature and my aim is to create work that brings light and colour into lives that are too often weighed down by the difficult realities of daily living, inspiring a sense of playfulness and EVERYDAY MAGiC.


2018“Everyday Magic” at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa
2005“Ordinary Things” at Cuyler Street Gallery, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
1995“Simply Art” By invitation of the Young Friends of the NSW Art Gallery at Simply French Restaurant, Sydney, Australia
1994“Art in Shopfronts” Sydney, Australia
1993“Fragmentations” with Sally Kidall at Tapas de Espana, Sydney Australia
1991“femme f’tarts” As part of DISSONANCE at AIRSPACE, Sydney, Australia
1991“Hors d’Oeuvres” Group show at ARTLET, Sydney, Australia
1985Graduate exhibition at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa