Your Daily MiNDFUL CREATiViTY Prompt


The dictionary defines a prompt like this:


verb. prompt-ed, prompt-ing, prompts
    1. to move or induce to action
    2. to occasion or incite
    3. to inspire

noun. prompt, prompts
    1. the act of prompting

So a CREATiVE PROMPT would be something intended to inspire creative action.

The MiNDFUL CREATiViTY prompts featured here come from working with clients on specific issues, so each prompt has a clear intention or purpose, even though they appear here randomly.

Some prompts will be most useful to prompt your drawing or painting practice; some are intended to get you writing or journalling; others to go and do something you normally wouldn’t do; and some will lead you to thinking in a different way. Some of course, could be used in multiple ways —it’s up to your interpretation.

Read the prompt, then use it to engage in some CREATiVE activity. The activity might be clearly indicated by the prompt itself, or it might depend on your interpretation.

Just go with whatever feels right to you. There is no right or wrong way to use these prompts.

Then, once you have engaged with the prompt and completed the activity it suggests to you, it is valuable to reflect on what happened. Did you learn something as a result of the activity? Was your thinking or approach different to what you had expected? If so, in what respect? How can you use what you have discovered in your creative process going forward?

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