CREATiViTY thrives in an atmosphere of synergy which develops more easily in small groups. EVERYDAY MAGiC provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of group synergy, while also focusing on your own creative exploration.

Discover how to iNTEGRATE your personal CREATiViTY into your everyday living to TRANSFORM your world.

Take the next step on your


EXPLORE, EXPERiMENT and PLAY CREATiVELY with the support and engagement of a small group of like-minded people to discover how to integrate CREATiViTY into your daily living.

Sign up for the next EVERYDAY MAGiC program or talk to me directly NOW to explore if this is the right CREATiVE PATH for you.

  • Explore your own CREATiViTY and learn from the others in your small (maximum of 10) group.
  • Connecting with your beliefs and values in a fun, playful way is at the core of the much-loved Mindful Creativity process which provides you with a proven framework and structure to begin your creative exploration.
  • Accessing and developing CREATiViTY needs time and practice, so the exploration is a 6 week program. There will be weekly zoom calls, with videos, worksheet, a private Facebook group and call recordings to support your process.
  • The entire process includes a wide range of interactive creative activities, designed for your specific needs so that you can develop your CREATiViTY by doing (which is THE only way it can be done!)
  • Some activities require more thought and time than others, so you have the flexibility to either work with other group members or explore on your own, whichever is more appropriate to the part of the process.
  • You will gain much value in reflecting on and discussing the results of your explorations in the group interactions.
  • Book now for the next EVERYDAY MAGiC group, and have the opportunity to add a bonus subscription to CREATiVE CONVERSATiONS for a reduced rate.