“I help my clients change their limiting beliefs though a unique process, facilitating them to tap into their innate CREATiVE iNTELLiGENCE to problem solve issues in their life or work.”

~ Leda van der Post


How the CREATiVE JOURNEY has helped others…

I am always amazed at how the creative process I use in my programs can help a wide range of people with different problems. Some clearly BiG issues, through to seemingly unimportant ones. Of course, the things we think are less important can sometimes have the biggest impact on our lives.

Here are a few examples of how CREATiVE PROCESS has helped my clients to shift their mindset and perspective, and find new ways to solve problems they had previously not been able to address.

“I am struggling to remain motivated and focused. It’s so difficult to work in an environment (covid) where things seem to change on a daily basis.”

Realised it was okay to feel disorganised in the circumstances and changed her expectations of herself. As well as finding new ways to cope, she became a source of strength for her whole team.
Hannah – Technical Support Team

“I feel like work is my whole life and there is no time left over for me or anyone else. I am completely burnt out.”

Realised that she had become resentful of being the family breadwinner, but could ask her family to help out with chores at home that she had felt it was also her job to do. This resulted in greater harmony at home and more energy to get her work done, with actual real time available for herself.
Denise – Small Business Owner

“Being a perfectionist is ruining my life! I don’t allow any space for spontaneity and fun.”

Her self-awareness meant Chloe was already halfway there. Creative play, focusing on the process and purposefully stopping before she felt a creative artefact was finished allowed her to reduce her need for everything to be absolutely perfect. Which in turn created a space for more spontaneity and fun in her social and personal activities.
Chloe – Financial Director

“The market has changed and my team is not performing. I need them to find new ways to approach their business.”

The team devised smarter and innovative strategies to try, as well as a renewed commitment to working together and helping each other.
Themba – National Sales Manager

“My nerdy persona is holding me back from promotion. I want to learn how to project an image of being dynamic and in control.”

Creative play helped her discover her “inner fashionista”. Then a makeover changed her look, added some key items to her wardrobe. And this all led to a confidence boost that had immediate results at work.
Terri – Business Woman

“Our current project seems to have stalled. The team is not communicating and are very unmotivated.”

The team identified problems in both the project process and communication areas, and ended up feeling reconnected and aligned to move forward productively.
Kim – Software Development Team Leader

“I am putting too much stress on myself to keep my weight down and look glamorous. It’s having a negative impact on both my health and my family.”

Created a better work/life balance and found ways for her to nurture her home life, reduce the focus on her need to look glamorous, while still feeling good about herself.
Kate – Beauty Salon Owner

“I’ve gotten through breast cancer, and am positive about it not returning. But… I am struggling to accept the changes to my body.”

Shifted from disliking her scars and breast implants to respecting her body’s strength and ability to carry on and enable her to look forward to a normal future.
Zanele – Breast Cancer Survivor

“I’m feeling overweight and frumpy, and worry that my husband will have an affair with a younger, beautiful woman and leave me.”

Went and did something she loved: amateur theatre. She didn’t lose any weight, but she got her spark back, and her new enthusiasm made her marriage stronger than ever.
Liz – 50-something Wife & Mother

“I don’t understand why I’m feeling trapped when my career and life is exactly on track.”

He realised he had been following his parents’ plans and desires for his life, not his own, because he was not entirely sure what he wanted. He gave himself permission to take some time out from his career and go travelling to explore other aspects of himself and his desires.
Neil – Business Analyst

“I feel like I shouldn’t complain because life is fine, but I AM feeling frustrated. And bored. Surely there must be something more?”

Reconnected with her values and things that she used to love but had somehow stopped doing. Then found small ways to introduce these things and explore without having to change her whole world.
Sue – HR Manager

“I really don’t like my job but feel like I have to stay so I can support myself and my daughter.”

Developed the confidence to create a business plan for a venture she had always dreamed of, get some support in place, and finally quit her horrible job and start her own business.
Maude – Single Mom

“I don’t get on with my daughter-in-law and hardly ever see my grandson.”

Decided it was up to her to find ways to improve the relationship, in spite of how she felt about her daughter-in-law. Two years on, they get along well, and her grandson often comes for extended sleepovers.
Marianne – Grandmother

“I’ve always wanted to visit India but don’t know how my children will manage without me.”

Realised she had given her grown-up children a wonderful start in life and that it was now time for her to follow her own dreams, and immediately booked her ticket for a three month trip.
Aliyah – Mother

“I want to write and illustrate stories, but somehow don’t make time to.”

Realised that she believed creative activities were self-indulgent because they weren’t directly productive. Shifted her understanding to give herself permission to be creative and express herself. This led to her being more productive in work tasks too.
Mary – Primary School Teacher


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